Health Guarantee

When giving adorable puppies to you, we make sure they are healthy and perfectly fine. Just in case your puppy suffers death within two years and the reason is genetic, we would replace that puppy with another one. Though we believe that once the puppy becomes a part of your home, it’s hard to let go, we also believe that it is always good to have healthy pets around you. All this process will be followed by our dedicated team only when a licensed veterinarian will certify the cause of death. 

All the puppies we give are properly vaccinated in regular intervals of times so you need not to vaccinate him/her for at least 10 days following your purchase. In addition to this, we would provide you with all the necessary details on how to take care of your puppy which would include his/her diet as well vaccinations. Having said that, anything related to spaying will not get covered under the guaranteed segment. If a puppy dies due to genetics at the age of 10 or more, and you buy another puppy from us, you would get a discount of 70% only when the death would be certified by a licensed veterinarian.

Shipping Guarantee


With us, shipping isn’t a problem at all. Even if you live too far and feel it’s difficult to come over to buy any of the puppies you like, all you need to do is inform us and the very next day, you will have the puppy at your place. If you will be lucky enough, you can have him/her on the same day itself. Without any hassle, the puppy will be shipped to the closest airport, though we will try to deliver the same at your doorstep too.

If you want us to deliver the puppy, you need to make sure you follow a few air guidelines:

1. The puppy purchased must be 2 months old.
2. The puppy must be accompanied by a certified veterinarian. 
3. You would have to bear the cost of delivery of the puppy.
4. The fare is decided by the weight of the puppy and the crate.
5. You need to give your Identification Card.
6. If someone picks the puppy on your behalf, he/she should have an ID and the same should be mentioned beforehand under the emergency tab.
7. You need to provide your physical address for the puppy to get delivered