Golden Retriever Training Advice

Training Tips and Behaviour Golden Retriever training is essential! If you are lucky enough to have a Golden Retriever the local community will expect them to be well behaved and fortunately, the Golden is one of the easiest breeds to train.


Golden Retriever characteristics include being highly intelligent, patient, obedient, athletic, and possessing an instinctive love of water.

Many of the traits that led to Goldens’ success in the hunting fields persist in the breed today. These traits, combined with their amiable temperament, make them eager learners who are easy to train. Golden Retrievers make great service dogs, effective for search and rescue and detecting drugs and explosives.

They are employed as guide dogs for the blind, assistance dogs for those with disabilities and as therapy dogs.


**** Health Certificate
**** Deworming
**** Shots- to date
**** Registration Papers – Dog Training
****AKC Papers
****PUPPY INCLUDES : Medical record, Health Guarantee, Puppy kit, Puppy food, Endless joy! etc.

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Greg was awesome from start to finish. My Retriever puppy changed his whole attitude when Greg began training techniques. I look forward to working with him in the upcoming lessons. Watching my dog ….

Susan J

Arthur is the sweetest, most engaging and personable puppy I have ever had the good fortune to have.  and he is inseparable. Life with him is a joy and a gift every single day. Thank you Corie, for bringing him into my life! 

Jackel Muss

Dear Greg & Heidi, Thank you for sending us a PERFECT puppy! “Luca” is 10 weeks old & is doing great. He only whined once on the first night. He has an amazing disposition; calm, well mannered & fun to play with. ‘Lily’ (mother) did a great job preparing him for our home. Thank you for raising such wonderful puppies!  


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